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Don’t deliver the goods or services you are selling for the bitcoins until the transaction in question confirms. What do the transaction status messages on the history tab mean. If this is an outgoing transaction you can bump the fee using the increase fee option if you like. Electrum displays various messages pertaining to a transaction’s status in the date column on the history tab. The app on your phone combines the shared secret with the current time and generates a one time password (OTP) of 5-6 digits. Transactions with uncertain status Not verified means that Electrum is not sure whether this transaction is valid. If you want to estimate how long it’ll take for your transaction to confirm you can do that by dividing x with the average size of blocks which these days is 1. It is not stored in your wallet file because if it were you wouldn’t need any 2nd factor authentication at all i. In this manner you get the 2fa protection you seek. The way 2fa works is that you and Trusted Coin have a shared secret which is contained in the QR code which is displayed during the wallet creation process. A 2fa wallet is a multisig wallet where transactions need to be signed with any 2 out of 3 secrets associated with the wallet. The Electrum window title should list the wallet type and filename. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. These transactions will be incorporated into blocks before your transaction is.

Thanks to SomberNight for help with this question. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. In addition to the above certain extra information is displayed in brackets starting with Electrum 3. You scan this code with google authenticator or some other 2fa app on your phone. 0: Replaceable or RBF means that the transaction can be replaced with a higher fee one. Local: A transaction that you created, signed and saved in your wallet file but didn’t broadcast yet. This way if your computer is ever compromised the thief can’t steal your bitcoins because they can’t generate the 2fa code which is only on your phone. A green tick mark next to the transaction means it has confirmed sufficient number of times and is now irreversible. Here is what they mean: Unconfirmed Transactions These are transactions that have yet to be incorporated by miners in the blockchain. Your seed contains 2 secrets and the third one is with the co-signing company Trusted Coin. If you lose your phone you can still recover your wallet with your seed. For larger transactions you may wish to wait for a green tick. Instead your wallet has only one secret and during normal usage you need Trusted Coin to sign your transactions or you can’t spend. 3MB and multiply by the average time between blocks which is 10 minutes.

All transactions initially start of as unconfirmed and gradually confirm over time. Switch servers or restart Electrum to get a more definite status. You generally don’t have to do anything to get your unconfirmed transaction to confirm.ReddCoin.
. Trusted Coin will do the same to verify that you have the same shared secret. New blocks are generated on average once every 10 minutes so you have to wait to see if the transaction gets incorporated in a block and becomes confirmed or not. When you need to enter the 2fa code in Electrum you open the app on your phone and look for the entry for Trusted Coin. What can I do to prevent this in the future. How do I tell if I have the shared secret. Obviously, if the computer was already compromised at the time of wallet creation then you would lose your bitcoins because the seed is displayed at the time of wallet creation and that is sufficient to steal from you. For low value transactions you can deliver the goods or services now. The filename and wallet type are also listed in wallet menu > information. .Augur.KuCoin Shares.

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